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How does Streamfile work?
Streamfile is a web based platform that converts a file upload to a secure https link. This link is then distributed to one or several recipients via email or SMS. Because the recipient only receives a text email with an embedded link, Streamfile doesn’t fill up the recipients email box. To be able to use Streamfile you must register, agree to our terms and login before sending files with us.

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I cannot upload any files, what should I do?
Streamfile uses different upload mechanisms individual to the browser that you are using. If you for whatever reasons are affected by an upload issue, we recommend you to download and try with a different browser. We recommend to use Google Chrome for PC and for Mac which can be downloaded from Google here.
We build support for the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so it shouldn't make any difference if you're on a Mac or a PC. The reason for us recommending Google Chrome is just of the simple reason that we test Streamfile more with this browser as it is the preferred choice of our developer.

If you still are experiencing problems, please use the contact form on the right of this page to contact us. To be able to help you quicker, also include the following information if you can:

-Physical upload location (Country and City for example)
-Browser version (Internet Explorer 8 or 9 for example)
-Operative system (Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.8 for example)
-Upload speed (kb/sec for example)
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How to send files via SMS
With Streamfile, you can notify recipients of a file transfer via SMS by adding a mobile number in the recipient field before uploading files to us. The mobile number format required is: 0046737888888, meaning you need to add 00 or + before the country code (in this example "46" is for Sweden).

After completing the above our service automatically sends out a SMS to the recipients with a secure https link. This is very helpful when you don't want to risk that the file transfer link lands in the recipients spam box or junk folder.

Each SMS recipient will get a unique link for easier tracking who actually has downloaded the files.

To be able to use this functionality you need an active Pro account (which includes 50 SMS credits) or purchase an additional SMS package from your Basic free account.
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Login problems or forgotten password?
Please note that the login is case sensitive, so if you registered with a capital letter in your username, this must be consistent. If you have forgotten your Streamfile password, you can reset it from the login screen. There, you will see a Forgot your password? link. Clicking that will prompt you to enter the e-mail that you use to login to your Streamfile account. Enter your e-mail address and click the button.

Our backend system will send you an e-mail that contains a link that you can use to set a new password. Clicking the link will prompt you to enter a new password. Enter your new password and click the Reset Password button. Once confirmed, you can login to your Streamfile account using your new password.
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Send files larges than 4Gb
The Streamfile backend platform supports file obejcts up to 5TB in size. We've limited our most popular Pro account to 30Gb as this is what normally works well with the average upload speed. The sender's internet connection's upload speed (and stability) is always going to be the largest bottleneck when transferring files via Streamfile. Because of this, we recommend you to sign-up for our free trial account and upload a 300Mb file first, to determine how long time it would take for a larger upload to complete.

Our web-based file uploader supports transfers up to 30Gb via a HTML5 enabled/supported browser, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.

If you have needs transferring files larger than 30Gb please email to request access to our Windows, Max OS X and Linux clients.
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Improve slow upload speed?
Unfortunately Streamfile cannot change the properties of your internet connection in any way. If you're planning to transfer large amount of data, your upload speed will most likely be the bottle neck, not Streamfile.

Bare in mind that in many cases your ISP's (Internet Service Provider's) upload speed is 1/10th of the speed you can download with. Streamfile will automatically allocate and utilize the maximum of your bandwidth speed during uploads.

If you are on a really fast internet connection, be aware of that wifi, routers or firewalls in between your computer and Streamfile can slow down and/or interrupt your uploads.

We recommend you to doublecheck what Upload speeds you get with your individual ISP prior to signing up with us. You can easily measure your upload speed for free here: In general we recommend all Streamfile users to have a upload speeds more than 500kbps to get the most out of our services.

Streamfile is currently using Amazon infrastructure, so to get you the fastest possible upload, which is the location closest to you (assuming you're the sender), we offer all of our Pro customers to choose between the following upload locations:

US East
US Oregon
US Nothern California
EU Ireland (default region)
San Paolo

If you're interested in changing upload location, please contact us and provide us with your Streamfile Pro username.
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How to secure and encrypt file transfers
With Streamfile, you can easily encrypt your data transfers by adding a password before uploading a file. By doing this, our service automatically encrypts and encapsulates your file transfers with your personal password that is completely owned by you, the sender. In this scenario Streamfile or Amazon Web Services doesn't have access to your files and the transfer uses the following 6 layers of security:

1.) The upload session is done 100% via a 256-bit AES SSL session from the senders browser.
2.) Our backend automatically Zip's the files adding a the secret password key, provided by the sender.
3.) A secure https link is directly distributed via email or SMS to the recipient.
4.) The sender communicates the secret password separately to the recipient.
5.) When accessing the secure https link send out in the email or SMS, the recipient needs to enter the same password key on our secure delivery page to be able to download the actual Zip file in question.
6.) The same, secret password is then needed to open the encrypted Zip file, even after the download as the file is encrypted on our backend systems.

Each recipient will get a unique link for easier tracking who actually has downloaded the files.

When logged in, Streamfile provides with a complete overview of the each download and upload transaction in out File Center, to provide maximum control and audit trail over your data transfers.

To be able to use the SMS functionality you need an active Pro account (which includes 50 SMS credits) or purchase a SMS package from your Basic free account.
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