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Send files larges than 4Gb
The Streamfile backend platform supports file obejcts up to 5TB in size. We've limited our most popular Pro account to 30Gb as this is what normally works well with the average upload speed. The sender's internet connection's upload speed (and stability) is always going to be the largest bottleneck when transferring files via Streamfile. Because of this, we recommend you to sign-up for our free trial account and upload a 300Mb file first, to determine how long time it would take for a larger upload to complete.<br /> <br /> Our web-based file uploader supports transfers up to 30Gb via a HTML5 enabled/supported browser, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. <br /><br /> If you have needs transferring files larger than 30Gb please email <a href=""></a> to request access to our Windows, Max OS X and Linux clients.
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