Business grade file transfers.

Send files larger than 4Gb. We transfer big data (up to 30Gb) securely.
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    Choose Recipients & Upload Files

    Our web interface makes it easy to share your files. Just click on Send a New Stream, add recipients, and select the file you want to send from your computer. Once you've picked out your file, you can add enhancements like custom messages, password protection, mobile notifications, and data center mirroring.

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    Share Your Files Via Email

    We'll deliver your files to the recipients you specified in a secure email. They'll receive a notification that a file has been shared along with any messages you've included or options to enter a password. This keeps your files easy to share, but safe and sound on our servers.

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    Extra Features

    In addition to secure file transfer between yourself and others, we also offer file tracking, API access, Glacier archiving, and custom upload sites (with custom URLs).

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