About us

Streamfile AB is a Swedish company specialized in large data transfers and MFT solutions. Our powerful backend supports single and multiple file uploads up to 5TB (terabyte) in size. We host all of our clients data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are dedicated to offer all of AWS current, and future storage products to our customers.

About us

Streamfile was founded in 2008, seeing the need for online services that not only could send files too large to email, but also encrypt files to ensure proper security and integrity along the way. Our services are aimed to corporations as well as to individual customers.

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Streamfile AB
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VAT number: SE556737391401

  • Technology

    Erlang is a functional programming language developed and maintained by Ericsson. Erlang has historically been used in by several large telecommunication companies in high-end telephony and data routing products, supporting several distribution and live code upgrade features which are highly advantageous to building a cloud service such as Streamfile.

    Since Erlang was open sourced in 1998, the Erlang language and runtime have benefitted from millions of dollars worth of end-user experiences and contributions.

    Erlang (and functional programming languages in general), by design, do not suffer from garbage collection pauses as much as other languages can do. Additionally, Erlang's communication operations are well known for their high through-put and low latency.

    Large users of messaging technology, e.g. investment banks, often have hundreds of separately managed messaging nodes or routers.

    As a result of Erlang's target domain of the telephony industry, it benefits from more than 15 years of development and deployment in enterprise grade applications. This includes, but is not exclusive to, its extreme reliability, process monitoring and inspection tools and the incremental improvement of the Erlang code base over an extended period of time.